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Reimagined Book Jackets for The Handmaidʻs Tale Books


Although I enjoy the modern book design and the easily recognizable dress for the Handmaids Tale and the Testaments, I wanted to create a design that gives some insight to the story.

For the first book, I wanted to focus on the story of the Handmaids – indicated by the use of red throughout the book to represent the color dress that they wear. Because of their status in society, they have limited freedom and is usually held in captivity in the homes of their commanders – as seen in the front cover. The woman is seen as complacent as she is seen here remaining in the house.

On the other hand, the second book focuses on the story of aunts – indicated by brown to match the color of their dress, and they are placed in what I picture to be the Leah training center. Here, they have more freedom than the handmaids as they are able to read and write as well as other powers that they have. The story also focuses on trying to break the system by attempting to send off girls in captivity, so in this design, I focus on the aunts being more rebellious and having more freedom.